The Danish Summer Language Scholarships

Students can apply for a scholarship under the Cultural Agreements programme to attend a Danish Summer Language Course.
International Advisor
Phone: +45 72 31 88 65

Who is eligible?

The summer language courses in Danish are open to bachelor, Master's and PhD students enrolled at institutions divided into three country groups. See who is eligible to apply and what the selection criteria are here:


The Danish Summer Language Courses offer foreign students Danish language instruction at all levels, while showcasing Denmark and Danish culture. Courses feature a minimum of 3 hours of language instruction a day accompanied by excursions and cultural activities.

The Danish Summer Language Courses last 3 weeks and are offered during the months of July and August each year. The courses are offered by a number of different course providers, located in different regions of Denmark.

Financial conditions for the scholarship recipients

Accepted students receive free tuition and a scholarship of 5000 DKK.

Depending on the course the students will attend, the students will either have to pay for accommodation and meals themselves, or it will be provided by the course organiser:

  • If accommodation or meals are provided by the course organiser, it will be deducted from the DKK 5000 scholarship.
  • If  accommodation and meals are provided by the course organiser, this will be covered by all of the DKK 5000 scholarship.
  • If accommodation and meals are not provided for by the course organiser, the students receive the DKK 5000 scholarship upon arrival to cover their accommodation and meals.

Please note that students must cover all travel expenses and other personal expenses (shopping, gifts, souvenirs, etc.) by themselves. 

Please note:

The next application deadline for the Danish Summer Language Scholarship will be updated in the beginning of 2017.


last modified Apr 04, 2016