Application for students from countries from group 2

Information on applications and specific rules.

Applicants from Group 2 should use the following application form: 

The application should be submitted as follows:

For students from Israel: please submit your application to the relevant national authority (The Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the Danish Embassy).

For students from Russia: please submit your application to the relevant lecturer in Danish in Russia. The lecturer should then submit his/her list of nominated candidates, as well as their applications, directly to the Agency for Higher Education. If you do not have a lecturer in Danish please submit your application by e-mail to

For students from China: please submit your application to the relevant lecturer in Danish in China or to the Chinese Scholarship Council.

Please note that you can NOT apply directly to the Danish Agency for Higher Education.

Incomplete applications will NOT be taken into consideration.

Please be aware of the following BEFORE you send your application:

  • The Agency will place the selected students in the different courses based on the information provided in their applications. To optimize the students' learning outcome, the course organisers will assess the students' level in Danish through an interview or language test.
  • Students will NOT be awarded ECTS-points for attending a summer language course. These language courses are not ECTS awarding courses.
  • Students just need to fill out the application.  No enclosures (certificates, CV, diplomas, etc) are required.
  • The Danish Agency for Higher Education reserves the right to consider the distribution of nationalities in the final selection of candidates for the summer language courses. Previous experience has shown that overrepresentation of any nationality on the individual course is not desirable.

We recommend that accepted applicants contact the Danish diplomatic representation in their home country well in advance of their entry into Denmark to obtain a visa for the study period in Denmark.

last modified Jan 15, 2016