Research advisory service

The Danish Council for Independent Research provides research advisory services to the Danish Parliament, the Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education and other authorities seeking the Council’s consultancy.

Annually, the Council offers its advisory services in approximately 500 research-related cases.

The research advisory services cover:

  • Hearing statement for relevant laws and research-related questions
  • Nomination and appointments to councils, boards and committees
  • Consultancy on cases from other councils and foundations
  • International hearing cases

A request for advisory services on research-related matters should be addressed to the Council’s Board of Directors which coordinates the case with the relevant scientific research councils. Often the consultancy involves several research areas and this is where the wide-ranging expertise of the Council is an advantage.

The Council’s members are distinguished active researchers and the members are among the best qualified experts in their respective fields. Thus, the Council is able to carry out its advisory tasks with the necessary scientific weight, regardless of field of science.

The nominations and appointments of persons to councils, boards and committees made by the Danish Council for Independent Research is an important task as the Council acts as guarantor for the relevant candidates having the necessary scientific weight and the right scientific profile to carry out the function.

Other councils and foundations request advice service in connection with research-related assessment of applications or with proposals for members of expect committees or external reviewers.

The Danish Council for Independent Research wishes to handle the research advisory services in a competent and academically sound way. Hearing cases are always dealt with at the next meeting in the Council’s Board of Directors and in the scientific research councils which should contribute. Therefore, the Council recommends that requests for research advisory services are submitted two months before deadline.

last modified Dec 09, 2016