Horizon 2020

This information is relevant for companies, scientists, organisations etc. who want to know more about the funding opportunities in EU's Reseach and Innovation programme, Horizon 2020.

EU’s Research and Innovation programme grants 75 billion euro to research and innovation from 2014 to 2020.

EuroCenter under the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education offer advice to Danish companies, universities, research institutes and other stakeholders about participation in the research and innovation programme. EuroCenter's advisers can clarify whether your project idea fits into a call for proposals, assist you in writing a project proposal and advise on the legal and financial rules for participation in a project under Horizon 2020.

Located in the heart of the European Quarter in Brussels, DANRO (The Danish EU Research Liaison Office) promote and increase Danish participation in Horizon 2020.

last modified Jan 02, 2017