An Industrial PhD project is a three-year industrially focused PhD project where the student is hired by a company and enrolled at a university at the same time.

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The company receives a monthly wage subsidy of DKK 14,500 while the university has its expenses for supervising etc. covered. The PhD student works full time on the project and divides his or her time equally between the company and the university.

Public sector Industrial PhD with subsidy - application deadline 1 October 2013

The Danish Council for Technology and Innovation has decided to allocate DKK 10 million for Industrial PhD projects in the public sector. This is expected to fund about 10 projects.

In addition to the existing assessment criteria of the Guidelines for the Industrial PhD Programme, the public sector Industrial PhD projects are now also required to have a broader use to society and not just the applying public sector organisation.

The broader use to society can for instance be that the usefulness of the project to the organisation is spread to similar organisations, helps improve citizens' life conditions, or helps improve conditions for private sector enterprises.

New edition of Guidelines for the Industrial PhD Programme

An new and revised edition of the Guidelines for the Industrial PhD Programme has been published. The significant changes are:

  • Information meetings for participants in approved projects
    To provide supervisors and students with the best starting point for a good Industrial PhD collaboration, mandatory information meetings will now be held for all company and university supervisors and students in approved Industrial PhD projects.

  • Changes in travel subsidies
    Travel subsidies have now been merged into a single pool which can be used for courses, conferences and stays abroad at research institutions. It has also been made possible to use up to DKK 14,000 for the company and university supervisors' travel expenses in the project.

  • Public sector research institutions as university party
    It is now possible for public research institutions that do not carry out PhD educations themselves to be responsible for the primary academic supervision of Industrial PhD candidates. This is done in collaboration with a university that must ensure that the Executive Act on PhD education (ph.d.-bekendtgørelsen) is upheld.


The Industrial PhD newsletter is published a number of times every year. To sign up, send an email to Jesper Sigsgaard-Rasmussen at

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