Kalø Højskole

Kalø Folk High School, beautifully located in the countryside in the middle of the Nationalpark Mols Bjerge, was founded in 1952. A folk high school is a boarding school for adults, who want to concentrate on specific topics. The main purpose is to give the students a general, democratic education.

Type of institution: Folk high school (højskole)
Location: Rønde (Region: Jutland)
Course period: July 5 - 25, 2020
Language level: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

Teaching language is only in Danish – for advanced as well as for beginners. See our website and check out the time schedule and program for all 3 weeks.
When different levels are grouped together there will be 2 teachers or the whole class will be split up into smaller groups. An extra teacher will be available and can be required if needed depending on the circumstances.
The balance between the language and the cultural component varies depending on the level.
There will always be focus on the language component even if we are dealing with a cultural component. It is impossible to make a precise distinction between the language and the cultural component, because all kinds of cultural studies starts with the language. But depending on the language level we will adjust the focus. 

last modified Jan 08, 2020