Sprogcenter Midt

Sprogcenter Midt has 25 years of experience in teaching Danish as a second language to foreigners. We aim at teaching language that students can apply in their daily life, helping them to combine linguistic needs and interests outside the classroom with learning goals in Danish classes.

Type of institution: Adult Education Centre
Location: Horsens (Region: Jutland)
Course period: July 27 - August 14, 2020
Language level: A1-A2

Course description: Sprogcenter Midt offers you an ideal combination of Danish classes, excursions of social, cultural and historical relevance and homestay with a Danish family. Through intensive Danish classes and excursions, the course offers you an opportunity to obtain oral, linguistic and written skills as well as a fundamental understanding of Danish society and culture. Living in a Danish home, you will experience the Danish lifestyle firsthand and have authentic conversations in Danish.

The course takes as a starting point a weekly theme relevant for Danish Culture and Society. The three key themes for the summer language course are Danish values and welfare, Working and living in Denmark and Danish democracy.

Danish classes will be organized around individual and collective language goals of the students. The Danish teacher will help students formulate individual goals into projects which are within their linguistic reach every week. Students will be encouraged to explore the theme of the week through excursions, self-studies and conversations with host families and are expected to present their projects by the end of each week.

last modified Feb 14, 2020