Studieskolen is a large school teaching Danish as a foreign and a second language in Denmark. Since 1977, Studieskolen has taught languages, developed didactics for language teaching and safeguarded the importance of foreign languages.

Type of institution: Adult Education Centre
Location: Copenhagen (Region: Zealand)
Course period: July 19 - August 7, 2020
Language level: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1

Teaching Danish language is the main purpose of the course. We ensure that all students receive maximum training in all four language skills. We also attach great importance to introducing the students to Danish culture at both micro and macrolevels. We talk about Danish political thinking at both national and international levels.

Part of the reception of the students is a level placement test. We emphasize that all students in a class have the same oral level in Danish. We have at least six different levels, so we will easily find the right level for all students. In the Danish lessons we work with all four skills, but emphasize the oral skill including focus on correct pronunciation. The students work together in pairs and groups in the class, but also hold individual presentations and participate in classroom discussions. We work with reading and listening skills every day. Writing skills are mostly developed as homework.

last modified Jan 08, 2020