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Discontinued - The Long-Term Scholarships

The Danish Government Scholarships under the Cultural Agreements were offered until 2020. They were aimed at highly qualified exchange students wishing to immerse themselves in studies of the Danish language and culture or other fields of study related to Denmark.

Please note: The scholarships under the Cultural Agreements will not be available from 2021 onwards.  The information on these pages is relevant for the previous call years.

Long-term scholarships of 5-12 months were offered to exchange students enrolled in higher education institutions in the following countries:

Scholarships were only offered for exchanges (not full-degree studies), and only to students enrolled in full-degree studies at higher education institutions in the countries listed above. PhD students must likewise be employed at, or affiliated with, higher education institutions in the above-mentioned countries.

Scholarships were only available to master’s and PhD level students. However, bachelor's degree students wishing to study Danish language and literature could also apply if they had studied the Danish language for two years.

Please note that applicants at the time of application must be enrolled in, or able to document a future enrollment in, full-degree programmes in the countries mentioned above. 

Danish institutions offering long-term scholarships

It was only possible to apply for a scholarship for studies at higher education instutions who offered long-term scholarships. The scholarship will not be available from 2021 onwards.

    General information

    Scholarship period

    Scholarships were tenable during the academic year. The autumn term begins on September 1st, the spring term on February 1st.

    Scholarship amount

    Scholarships included free tuition and a monthly stipend of DKK 6,500.

    Danish Government Scholarships was a contribution to cover travel, visa fees, accommodation, food, and other living expenses. The scholarships are for one person only. Additional amounts for accompanying family members are not available.

    Some Danish higher education institutions may choose to charge a fee in conjunction with PhD courses.

    Participants may be liable to pay tax on their scholarship in the Kingdom of Denmark. Therefore, scholarship recipients should contact the local tax authorities for an individual assessment. In the event that the Danish tax authorities decide that a scholarship is taxable, the Agency for Science and Higher Education has no power to overturn the decision.

    Language of instruction

    Danish is the normal language of instruction at institutions of higher education in Denmark, but more and more institutions offer courses in English or in another foreign language or have special arrangements for non-Danish students.

    Further information on courses in other languages must be obtained directly from the participating Danish institutions of higher education.

    last modified Jan 11, 2021