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DKK 1.4 billion for research in 2019
All parliamentary parties have agreed on the allocation of the research reserve for 2019.
More international graduates must stay and work in Denmark
Many students leave Denmark after graduation.
Thousands land a spot on their dream study programme
On July 28, 64,943 young people received word that they had been accepted to a higher education programme.
Almost 90,000 apply to higher education
More young people want to be engineers and 17,752 have applied to STEM education programmes.
New Minister for Higher Education and Science
Tommy Ahlers has been appointed minister for the Ministry of Higher Education and Science 2 May 2018.
52,891 have applied to higher education programmes via quota 2 system
by this year’s noon deadline on 15 March via the quota system
Five outstanding researchers honoured with EliteForsk awards
This year’s five EliteForsk winners cover a wide field and for the first time, count a researcher from the private sector among the recipients
Many of the world's largest research facilities unite Big Science with big business in Copenhagen
Representatives from the world's largest technology research facilities gather for the first time ever at a joint conference 26 -28 February 2018.
Danish research has a high level of scientific impact
Danish research is some of the most cited among OECD countries, according to this year's Research Barometer.
Danish research may help South Africa with its water shortage crisis
Danish research, know-how and technology, may contribute with possible solutions to the water crisis in Cape Town, South Africa.
Denmark is a new member of the UN space committee
The membership comes on the heels of Denmark's first space legislation last year
Political agreement reached to distribute DKK 1 billion to research and development
Political agreement on the distribution of the research reserve will see DKK 1 billion allocated to research and development.
New Opportunities Within Education, Research and Industry in China
The focal point in the Danish-Chinese university partnership opens with participation of His Royal Highness The Crown Prince when the House of the Danish Industry Foundation is inaugurated.
65,165 accepted to higher education programmes
A total of 65,165 applicants have been admitted to an education programme,
Future research identified in 19 themes
What areas of research make the most sense to focus on in the future? The new RESEARCH2025 catalogue attempts to answer this question by identifying research areas.
Denmark recommended for membership of UN space committee
A joint UN committee for the peaceful use of space has recommended Denmark as a future member of the committee. Denmark will have better opportunities to follow and influence the international development in the area.
Denmark to host first ever Big Science Business Forum
Representatives from the world's largest advanced technology research facilities will gather for the first time ever at a joint conference in Copenhagen 26-28 February 2018.
China opens the door for collaboration with more Danish educational institutions
The Chinese Ministry of Education has recently recognised 19 Danish educational institutions as high quality institutions.
Danish research secures more than DKK 4 billion in EU funding
Danish companies and research institutions perform well in securing funding from the EU research and innovation programme Horizon 2020. Compared with other countries, Denmark ranks third when measured per capita.
More than 54,000 apply for higher education via quota 2
54,375 people have applied for admission to a higher education programme via quota 2 by this year's deadline of noon on 15 March.
European success story for Danish research
Throughout the 10 years of the European Research Council's existence, 150 researchers have successfully attracted DKK 1.75 billion in EU funding for research in Denmark, benefiting independent research in particular.
EliteForsk 2017
Five outstanding researchers honoured with EliteForsk awards
Danish businesses to benefit from space
The Ministry of Higher Education and Science is allocating DKK 21 million to activities that will boost space technology
Danish researchers boosted by DKK 3.7 billion in EU funding for research and innovation
Political agreement prioritises vocational and independent research
All parliamentary parties support the agreement to distribute a total of DKK 555 million to research activities in 2017.
New strategy to strengthen Danish research and education in the Arctic
The Minister for Higher Education and Science Ulla Tørnæs is launching a new strategy for the ministry's work within the Arctic
Denmark's first drone strategy takes flight
Drones present great potential to improve productivity and growth. The Danish government wants to support this potential and has launched Denmark's first drone strategy.
Pivotal data centre opens in Copenhagen
The international research facility European Spallation Source’s data centre has opened in Copenhagen
Another record-breaking year for higher education applicants
A total of 66,439 young people were accepted to higher education programmes, breaking previous records. Minister for Higher Education and Science Ulla Tørnæs is pleased with the development.
Denmark's space strategy takes flight
Denmark has launched a strategy for how space can contribute to Danish innovation, research and business.
EU collaboration to boost Danish and European research
New Danish roadmap will help strengthen the internal European knowledge market and thereby also strengthen Danish research
Denmark signs student exchange agreement with South Korea
The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Korean education ministry have signed a cooperative exchange agreement for higher education students.
Danish businesses successful at securing EU innovation support
Denmark is second at securing the most financial support from the EU research and innovation programme Horizon 2020.
Almost 55,000 applied for higher education via quote 2
This is an increase of 7.2 per cent.
Almost 55,000 apply for higher education via quota 2
EliteForsk 2016
Five of Denmark’s most talented researchers receive the EliteForsk Award 2016
Danish research output has great international impact
According to the latest Research and Innovation Indicators 2015, Danish research production continues to hold a leading international position and has great scientific impact.
EUR 300 million to Denmark from EU research and innovation programme
Agreement reached on distribution of research and innovation funds
All parliamentary parties have reached agreement on the distribution of a total of DKK 671 million ,
ESS - a true European research facility
The Danish-Swedish research microscope, the European Spallation Source (ESS), has changed its legal status to a true European research facility.
The first ESA astronaut of Danish nationality
2 September 2015 the first Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen began his space mission. After ten days Andreas Mogensen returned after a successful mission. Read about the mission here.
New Minister for Higher Education and Science
Esben Lunde Larsen has been appointed Minister for the Ministry of Higher Education and Science 28 June 2015.
Denmark brings more than DKK 1 billion home from EU projects
Danish research and innovation received a boost in the past year, which will benefit nearly 300 research and innovation projects .
Danish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers 2015
Denmark has the presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2015. Read more about programme, activities, news, etc