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Euroscience Open Forum 2014

The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science will host Euroscience Open Forum 2014 in Copenhagen.

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Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) 2014 will take place at the Carlsberg district from 21 - 26 June 2016.

Building bridges

The concept of ESOF 2014 i "Science Building Bridges." The bridges is a symbol of closing the distance between science ans society, while forging a European scientific integration.

It is widely acknowledged that citizens have an increasing interest in science, technology and innovation. The vision of ESOF 2014 in Copenhagen is to reinforce the societal dimension of European research – recognising that upstream citizen participation is essential or the support of science in society and for appreciating the benefits of science for the economy and the quality of life.

What is ESOF?

ESOF’s uniqueness is its dual European and national structure. ESOF is European, as it brings together people from all over Europe and is hosted in different European cities, and yet ESOF is also very national and local, flavouring its events with a national and local touch. Hence whilst being the European event par excellence, ESOF is unique every time through being rooted in a national and local culture.

Read more about Euroscience Open Forum in 2014 on the officiel webpage:

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An important and highly visible element of ESOF 2014 is a public outreach programme - Science in the City – that takes place alongside the conference.

Bubbly atmosphere

Science in the City will consist of a broad variety of events. It will build bridges between researchers, delegates and the genrel public. It will create a bubbly atmosphere that will incite guest to enter into dialogue and encourage hands on experience through an interactive display of research and research communication. The many different platforms and formats will appeal to people of all ages. Science in the City will attract families and talented researchers of tomorrow.

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