Galathea 3 – Exploring the Globe

On 25 April 2007 the expedition vessel Vaedderen arrived at Copenhagen after a more than eight-month voyage with the Galathea 3 expedition.

Vaedderen (

Vaedderen (“The Ram”) sailed from Copenhagen on 11 August 2006, and during the voyage it hosted a variety of first-class researchers from several Danish and certain foreign universities and government research institutes. The projects included both marine and land-based activities.

Facts about Galathea 3

Duration: 257 days – 11 August 2006 to 25 April 2007

Length of the voyage: 39,000 sea miles – approximately 70,000 km

48 research projects

60 crew members, 32 researchers, 11 journalists and three school children on board at a time

A number of representatives from the Danish media followed the expedition closely. Through direct satellite access and an internet learning portal, pupils all over the country were able to use the research done on Galathea 3 actively in their lessons.

The purpose of the expedition was to strengthen Danish research. Not merely by virtue of the individual research projects, but also as a showcase for research, intended to increase interest in and awareness of Danish research.

The Galathea 3 was the third around the globe expedition. The first two were Galathea 1 (1845-1847) and Galathea 2 (1950-1952), who visited several of the same destinations in order to measure changes over a hundred years.

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