RRI conference in Copenhagen

11 December 2014 the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science in cooperation with Professor Maja Horst, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen, held a conference under the theme ‘Responsible Research and Innovation’.

Ministeren og Maja Horst

The ambition of the conference was to debate how RRI is used today and how we create a platform for responsible research and innovation that is aligned with society.

The conference delegates were representatives from research institutions, private and public sectors, organisations and the media. 

Research today influence society tomorrow

In her opening statement, the Minister for Higher Education and Science, Sofie Carsten Nielsen said that:

-Research being carried out today influences how society will be shaped tomorrow. The role and importance of research is enormous. Everyone in a democratic society has the right to take part in decisions that have vital influence on our future. Research uses many resources and can also have social, ethical, cultural and environmental consequences. So researchers should not carry the torch alone. We must ensure that research is socially engaged and socially responsible.

Richard OwenUsing RRI in practice

One of the speakers at the conference was Richard Owen, Professor of Strategic Innovation Management and Chair of Responsible Innovation at University of Exeter Business School in the UK.

Professor Richard Owen is one of the key researchers in the field and he helped to develop a framework for RRI in the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

Professor Richard Owen talked about the story of SPICE, which is a contemporary example of how research funders and society can work with issues of responsibility in science. The SPICE project was a geo-engineering project designed to reduce climate change in a somewhat spectacular/drastic way and the RRI agenda was used as a way of investigating whether this project should indeed proceed as planned.

Paneldeltagere Afterwards there were two panel debates. The first one focused on what the point of citizen involvement in private and public research is. The second one focused on how the ideas of responsibility are implemented in everyday research practice.

Defining the guidelines

In her closing statement Professor Maja Horst talked about how researchers in her opinion, should play an active role in defining the guidelines for what social responsible research is, rather than having them imposed.

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