Below you can find the documentation that was produced during and after the conference.

SiD 5Conference report

Contributions from former Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn and the former Danish Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education Morten Østergaard. Further, a summary of conference highlights written by conference rapporteur, senior Reseach Fellow from the University of Exeter, Jack Stilgoe.

Workshop findings

The key conference theme was ‘dialogue’, and the workshop sessions reflected this by focusing on bring the thoughts and ideas of the delegates to the tables.

Below you can find the suggestions for action within the Science in Society area that was produced during the conference. The suggestions provide a sharp view of issues such as incentives, vested interests and power structures that are often overlooked in more general arguments for wider dialogue.

Videos from the workshops

Below you can find some short videos with impressions from the five workshops that took place during the conference.

Workshop on 'Learning from Dialogue between Science and its Publics':

Workshop on 'Ethics and Emerging Technologies':


Workshop on 'Inclusive and Open Innovation':

Workshop on 'Engaging Stakeholders in Setting Research Agendas and Creating Visions':


Workshop on 'A Fruitful Relationship between Research and Politics':

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