List of Danish Innovation Networks

Networks and clusters in the Innovation Networks Denmark Programme


Innovation Cluster for Production

Inno-Pro is a cluster for companies working in areas such as advanced materials, mechatronics, specialized metals and materials processing, engineering and testing services, IT, software and communication solutions, as well as other high-tech businesses.

Contact: Network Manager Klaus Bolving,

Lifestyle & Design Cluster

Innovation Network Lifestyle & Design Cluster works to promote innovation and sustainable growth, primarily in small and medium-sized interior and clothing companies as well as in the creative industries.

Contact: Network Manager Betina Simonsen,  

Innovation Network RoboCluster

RoboCluster is a Danish innovation network for robotics and automation. RoboCluster works to maintain and further expand the robotics sector in Denmark by generating and ensuring optimal conditions for innovation in both new and existing enterprises as well as set robotics into action in fields as hospitals, farming, industry, leisure, and education. This is done by initiating technological projects between suppliers, producers, users, universities, and knowledge institutions in the field of robotics and automation.

Contact: Network Manager Bjarke Nielsen,

Danish Material Network (DMN)

DMN consists of a number of companies with an interest in material innovation. The aim of the cluster is to support the Danish industry in developing new and innovative materials, increase the awareness of the materials and promote and innovate the use of the materials within and across sectors.

Contact: Network Manager Dorte Bælum,

Danish Lighting Innovation Network

The purpose of the Innovation Network for Danish Lighting is to promote the use of good and appropriate lighting, to advance knowledge, and to disseminate information for the improvement of the lighted environment to the benefit of society.

Contact: Network Manager Michael A. E. Andersen,

Energy is the official national competence and innovation center for the Danish Offshore Industry. On behalf of its +210 member companies and institutions pushes development with the aim of creating growth within the Danish Offshore Industry.

Contact: Network Manager Glenda Napier,

Innovation Network for Biomass (INBIOM)

The purpose of INBIOM is to facilitate development within production, handling, and processing of biomass. The goal is to achieve a better utilization of biomass for energy purposes.The members of INBIOM are individuals and companies involved in the field of biomass, agricultural waste, and manure. The network has an international scope and welcomes both Danish and international members from private companies, research institutions, authorities, etc.

Contact: Network Manager Jacob Mogensen,

Innovation Network for Smart Energy (Inno-SE)

The purpose of Inno-SE is to build bridges between knowledge institutions and companies in the attempt to meet the energy policy objectives, while creating growth, innovation, and employment within the area of energy efficiency and intelligent energy systems.

Contact: Network Manager Claus Meinche,


Innovation Network for Environmental Technology (Inno-MT)

The goal of Inno-MT is to promote environmental technology innovation in the Danish environmental technology sector, with particular focus on increasing exports, growth, and employment in Danish SMEs. Inno-MT works to promote innovation of new solutions and services across the four focus areas of soil resources and nutrient cycling, clean air technology, efficient resource use, and water treatment and water supply. This is achieved through matchmaking, knowledge sharing, Internationalisation, and entrepreneurship activities.

Contact: Network Manager Simon Baagøe,

Innovation Network Water in Urban Areas

Water in Urban Areas is directed towards the challenge of adapting cities to a changed climate, and thus it operates within the topic of energy, climate, and environmental technologies. The network contributes to the realisation of the vision of Denmark as a climatically strong and green winner nation and establishes Denmark as the global demonstratorium for viable water technologies, system solutions, and integrated water resource administration.

The goal of the network is to develop, document, and present technologies and planning tools for climatic adaptation of existing urban areas in Europe, USA, and Australia, and for development of new, climatically strong cities in countries in financial and institutional transition, such as China.

Contact: Network Manager Ulrik Hindsberger,


Innovation Network for Biotech (Biopeople)

The purpose of Biopeople is to help the Danish Life Science industry grow through innovation and collaboration. Biopeople embraces universities, research organisations, hospitals, the Danish Medicines Agency, industry associations as well as pharma, medtech, medical device, food and biotech companies.

Contact: Network Manager Per Spindler,

Innovation Network for Health and Welfare Technology (Welfare Tech)

Welfare Tech brings together leading Danish skills in the field of health and welfare technology in a national network empowering development, commercialisation, and exports of Danish health and welfare technology.

The purpose of the Network is to increase commercialisation and export of Danish products and services related to health and welfare by ensuring Danish companies access to knowledge and skills from Danish research, education, and knowledge institutions. These include municipalities, hospitals, and academia.

Contact: Network Manager Lene Vistisen,

Innovation network for Biomedical Engineering (MedTech Innovation)

The purpose of MedTech Innovation is to create growth through innovation in the medical device industry in Denmark. MedTech Innovation focuses on the creation and facilitation of concrete public-private innovation partnerships and networking activities at home and abroad, where the target groups (industry, research, and healthcare) can meet.

Contact: Network Manager Anette Rye Larsen,


Service Cluster Denmark (Service Platform)

The vision for Service Cluster Denmark is to contribute to growth, innovation, and competitiveness among service businesses in Denmark. Service Cluster Denmark aims to create new possibilities for cooperation between businesses and knowledge institutions, to strengthen research and innovation in businesses, and to incorporate international knowledge and ideas by involving businesses, research institutions, and networks outside Denmark.

Contact: Network Manager Tine Aage,

Innovation Network for knowledge-based experience economy (Invio)

The objective of Invio is to strengthen knowledge sharing, knowledge Development, and cooperation between businesses and institutions of knowledge relating to innovation and research within the field of experience economy. In this way, the innovation capacity of the businesses is reinforced so that knowledge and experience-based growth within the industry will be generated.

Contact: Network Manager Jens F. Jensen,

Innovation Network for Market, Communication and Consumption (BRANDBASE)

BRANDBASE embraces a broad range of core competences that are essential to understand future markets and consumers. Researchers from a classic marketing tradition collaborate with researchers from the humanities, arts and design. This combination is not common in a Danish context, but crucial in a market where symbolic and emotional dimensions of products are becoming more and more important.

The participating researchers come from The University of Southern Denmark, Aalborg University, Aarhus School of Business Aarhus University, Copenhagen Business School, and Kolding School of Design.

Contact: Network Manager Judy Hermansen,

Innovation Network for Finance IT

In the Innovation Network for Finance IT a strong collaboration of universities, GTS institutes, and organisations work to create research-based growth and innovation within the Finance IT area and to strengthen the export of Danish financial IT companies’ services. The innovation network creates ambitious research projects, networking events, and conferences with international key notes.

Contact: Network Manager Thomas Krogh Jensen,


Innovation Network for the Food Sector (FoodNetwork)

FoodNetwork is an extensive network which includes a large number of Danish universities, research institutions, Approved Technological Service Institutions (GTS), innovation- and development parks, as well as technical- and vocational schools.

The aim of the network is to create growth within the food industry through networks, Projects, and activities. It is also to be the link that ensures visibility of the relevant partners within the food industry and to support and facilitate existing and new clusters.

Contact: Network Manager Dorte Storper,


Innovation Network for Energy efficient and Sustainable construction (InnoBYG)

InnoBYG facilitates sustainable and energy efficient development in the construction industry.The focus of the network is on development projects, knowledge sharing and dissemination and matchmaking across the industry and between companies and knowledge institutions/universities.

Contact: Network Manager Grith Bech-Nielsen,


The Danish ICT Innovation Network (InfinIT)

InfinIT is a Danish network for innovative utilization of IT. The goal of the network is to convert the infinite possibilities that technology offers into concrete collaborations between research and industry.

Contact: Director (Aalborg) Kim Guldstrand Larsen, or Network Manager (Copenhagen) Merete Carlsson

Danish Sound Innovation Network (Danish Sound)

Danish Sound embraces individuals, organizations, and businesses involved with sound technology. The network creates a new space for innovation, collaboration, and dissemination of knowledge.

The vision of the network is that Denmark becomes a leading country with regards to sound technology in terms of knowledge, research, and education. Danish sound technology will be the epitome of high quality in products and services, as well as in physical rooms and social contexts.

Contact: Network Manager Jan Larsen,


The Transport Innovation Network (TINV)

TINV is a national, cross disciplinary network aimed at the Danish Transport Sector. The primary objectives of TINV are to create synergy, encourage matchmaking, and generate research and development projects between stakeholders in the transport sector and research- and educational institutions, as well as related sectors such as energy and infrastructure.

Contact: Network Manager Mikkel Hansen,  or Project Manager Lone Reppien Thomsen,

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