Peer Review

All final applications to the Danish Council for Strategic Research are reviewed by international peers.

Grants from the Danish Council for Strategic Research are normally more than DKK 10 million (EUR 1.3 million). All final applications are sent for international peer review.

The Danish Council for Strategic Research is working within the framework of the Statement of Principles for Scientific Merit Review which were endorsed at the May 2012 Global Summit on Scientific Merit Review, hosted by the U.S. National Science Foundation.

The international peer reviewers assess the scientific quality of the grant applications. Subsequently the program commissions undertake the overall assessment of the grant applications from the criteria of the specific call.

The Strategic Research Council has put together a Peer Review College. The Peer Review College will contribute to strengthening the quality and homogeneity of the international reviews since a membership of the Peer Review College will allow the international reviewers to build up experience in assessing applications from the Strategic Research Council. Reviews by the Peer Review College is supplemented with reviews by non-attached acknowledged international researchers in order to ensure the optimal expert assessment.

The Peer Review College is described in more detail at this link

Assessment material

Assessment forms and instructions for international peer review are available at this link

last modified Feb 18, 2013