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On a daily basis Danish companies – large as well as small – produce ground-breaking, ambitious, surprising, everyday, sensible, offbeat and necessary innovations on a large scale.

On 25th September 2013, HRH Princess Marie, Danish Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education Morten Østergaard and the chairman of the Danish Council for Technology and Innovation Conni Simonsen, awarded the five winners of InnovationSTORM 2013.

In the posh settings of the great hall in Grev Moltkes Palæ, the winners were celebrated by an audience of 400 representatives from the Danish business community, the Danish knowledge institutions and innovative bodies in general.

The winners of the five prices were:

InnovationSTORM 2013 – This year’s best innovation

The main price was awarded to Universal Robots A/S for their robot UR10. In their reasoning, the panel emphasised the success of Universal Robots A/S in making robot technology available to all enterprises regardless of size.

The Hurricane – The forward storming innovation

Queue-It ApS was rewarded for achieving rapid success with their online queue system. In their reasoning, the panel underlined Queue-It ApS’s solution to a general problem of heavy online traffic during times of peak demand.

The Tornado – The outwards storming innovation

In the Tornado category, Zzzero ApS was rewarded for their global focus in creating an ultra-effective power supply that almost entirely eliminates standby power consumption in electrical appliances. In their reasoning, the panel highlighted that Zzzero ApS addresses a global and ongoing problem insofar as 1 percent of the world’s CO2-emission is caused by standby power consumption.

The Snowstorm – The visionary innovation

The visionary reward was awarded to Agger Foods A/S for the innovation Soy4you, a substitute for ground beef in texture and taste, but created 100 percent from soy. In their reasoning, the panel emphasised the potential of Agger Foods A/S in addressing the rising global demand for food and increasing world population.

The Tropical Storm – The humanitarian innovation

For their creation of an inflatable bedpan, goloo ApS received the humanitarian innovation price. In their reasoning, the panel stressed the potential of an inflatable bedpan in improving the well-being of bedbound patients while also creating a better working environment for nursing staff.

last modified Oct 09, 2013