Independent Research Fund Denmark

Independent Research Fund Denmark supports independent research based on researchers’ own ideas, within and across all main fields of science.

Office of Independent Research Fund Denmark
Phone: (+45) 7231 8200




Independent Research Fund Denmark hosts an information meeting twice a year with focus on the general application requirements described in the Call.


Sapere Aude Initiative

Sapere Aude is Independent Research Fund Denmark's initiative aimed at developing the most talented researchers abilities, nationally and internationally. 

Who has received funding?

The scheduled time of processing for each Council can be found in the Call for proposals. About two weeks after the scheduled time of processing, DFF publishes the names of grant recipients

 is comprised of a Board of Directors and the following five scientific research councils: Independent Research Fund Denmark | Humanities, DFF | Natural Sciences, DFF | Social Sciences, DFF | Medical Sciences and DFF | Technology and Production Sciences.


last modified Sep 06, 2017