Purposes of Sapere Aude

The goals of the Sapere Aude initiative are to strengthen the coming generation of researchers, and to prepare more researchers to apply for funding at international research councils and foundations.

Strengthening young research talents

To many young research talents, an uncertain and rocky future career is a significant obstacle to going down the research path. By focusing on the best researchers, the DFF can create role models for the elite.

The resources of young research talents must be utilised. As part of meeting the Barcelona targets, the government has decided to significantly increase the number of PhD students.

If Denmark is to fully exploit the effort in research training, the research communities must be able to make use of the most talented of the candidates who achieve a PhD degree.

Launching point for the research elite

The initiative is a launching point for the elite to apply for funding at international research councils and foundations. Sapere Aude particularly focuses on strengthening the competitiveness of Danish researchers with The European Research Council (ERC).

The Sapere Aude initiative will create incentives for applying to large international pools, ie. ERC and EU’s Seventh Framework Programme – partly by creating the best possible conditions for developing exceptional research projects, and partly by preparing applicants for international application processes by conducting interviews as a part of the selection procedure.

last modified Dec 09, 2016