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Overview of instruments, deadlines, time of processing and earliest and latest possible starting dates for each instrument:


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DFF-International Postdoctoral Grant
Date of publication: Jul 06, 2016 The purpose of DFF-International Postdoctoral Grant is to strengthen the international mobility of young talented researchers, as well as to maintain and develop the competencies of researchers who are in the beginning of their research careers.
Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide (GROW)
Date of publication: Aug 19, 2015 Danish Council for Independent Research Fund Denmark announces the Gruduate Research Opporunities Worldwide in collaboration with the National Science Foundation, enabling Graduate Research Fellows from USA to carry out research visits with a DFF grantholder a host researcher.
DFF-MOBILEX mobility grants - until 2016
Date of publication: May 16, 2015 In order to facilitate more career paths in Danish research and increase the mobility in Danish research environments, DFF funds a number of mobility grants. The final consideration of applications took place in the relevant research councils in September 2015.
The Sapere Aude Initiative
Date of publication: May 15, 2015 The Independent Research Fund Denmark aim is to promote and strengthen Danish research, understood in a broad sense. Therefore, there are no requirements as to applicants’ citizenship, the location of research institutions or the specific venue for carrying out the research activities applied for.
DFF-Research Project 1 and 2
Date of publication: May 14, 2015 Independent Research Fund Denmark offers two types of research projects named IRFD-Research Project 1 and 2
Research educations outside the universities (PhD)
Date of publication: May 13, 2015 Under the Danish Finance Act an amount has been earmarked for the education of researchers at public research institutions outside the universities, and these funds will be distributed by Independent Research Fund Denmark.
Research networks | Humanities
Date of publication: May 12, 2015 The purpose of Research Networks | Humanities is to help strengthening research areas which are geographically and institutionally scattered, and which would benefit highly from the development of international relations
Journals | Humanities (FKK)
Date of publication: May 10, 2015 Support for scientific journals
International Research Stays | Social Sciences
Date of publication: May 04, 2015 In order to promote the internationalisation of Danish research, Independent Research Fund Denmark | Social Sciences provides funding for research visits at institutions outside Denmark for continuous periods of at least 3 months.
Clinician scientist positions | Medical Sciences
Date of publication: May 03, 2015 Independent Research Fund Denmark | Medical Sciences offers funding for clinician scientist part-time positions.
Pregraduate scholarships | Medical Sciences
Date of publication: May 02, 2015 In order to give qualified students the opportunity to undertake pregraduate research, DFF | Medical Sciences offers Pregraduate scholarships of a maximum duration of 1 year.
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DFF does not grant funding retroactively. Therefore, you cannot apply for funding for activities already carried out at the time when the Council makes its decision. All funding is awarded with effect from the date of the Council’s grant meeting or a later time, as specified by the Council.