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Evaluation of Danish Council for Independent Research

In 2014, the Danish Council for Independent Research has been evaluated by an international panel. Download the evaluation report and find other documents related to the evaluation of the Council here.


Note: 1st July 2017 The Danish Council for Independent Research changed name to: Independent Research Fund Denmark


The evaluation of Danish Council for Independent Research has been carried out by an international panel of experts chaired by Dr. Wilhelm Krull from VolkswagenStiftung.

The evaluation panel recognises that DFF in many of its activities is to be seen as a crucial part of the Danish research system. Proposals accepted by DFF are appreciated throughout Denmark to meet the highest standards. In particular for postdoctoral researchers, they often provide a ‘quality stamp’ which considerably enhances their career prospects.

The evaluation panel’s recommendations are designed to improve DFF’s already very successful mode of operation even further. It strongly advises the Danish Parliament to enable DFF to continue on its path of supporting high-level, internationally recognised research activities by way of a longer term guaranteed financial framework and, if possible, with increased resources.

Download the report of the evaluation panel:

Watch the Minister for Higher Education and Science Sofie Carsten Nielsen's speech during the presentation of the evaluation in Moltke's Palace October 23, 2014:

Watch the chairman of the evaluation panel Dr. Wilhelm Krulls presentation of the evaluation on the same occasion:

Download the bibliometric analyses of DFF-funding 2005-2008. The analyses has been performed in connection with the evaluation of the Council, showing that researchers funded by DFF perform at a high level both when it comes to the proportion of highly cited publications (PPtop10%) and the mean normalized citation scores (MNCS):

Download the Danish Council for Independent Research's self evaluation report:


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