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International study on gender equality in research

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Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy (DFiR) has initiated a study that aims to identify best practices of initiatives and framework conditions to improve the number of women in science and gender mainstreaming in research in Denmark.
: May 08, 2017
: 2015
: 59

Oxford Research has conducted this study between the period of mid-April and late-June 2015.

DFiR was particularly interested in how this same issue is being addressed in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria and Finland and Oxford Research has contracted partners in these countries to assist in collecting data for this analysis.1

More specifically, DFiR wants to gain an understanding of:

  •  the national context and framework conditions concerning gender equality and gender mainstreaming;
  •  how the four countries are addressing the challenges;
  •  the specific initiatives taken; and
  •  how the initiatives are functioning in the various countries.
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