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EU and international programmes

Here you find an overview of the international funding programmes.
EU’s programmes for research and innovation

EU funding for future solutions to current challenges, producing world-class science, increasing researcher mobility, encouraging growth by stengthening innovation and near-to-market activities.

Societal Challenges

Health - Bioeconomy - Energy - Transport – Climate – Inclusive societies – Secure societies

Excellent Science

Excellent science within all subjects. Research in future and emerging technologies. Individual scholarships and support to cross-border mobility. Development of a new research infrastructure.

Industrial Leadership

Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies e.g. nanotechnology, electronics, fotonics, biotechnology and information and communications technology (ICT, Access to risk finance, Innovation in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs).

International cooperation

International Network Programme

Grants for network activities between researchers from Danish institutions and China, United States, Japan, Israel, Korea, Brazil or India

Programmes now managed by Innovation Fund Denmark

Bilateral research cooperation

Bilateral research cooperation between Denmark and Brazil, China, India and Korea

Grants under ERA-net (European Research Area Networks) within different research topics

Grants under Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI’s) within different research topics


Research and innovation for a better future of the Baltic sea region

Small and medium-sized enterprises can apply for support to covering of specific costs in connection with research and development activities

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