Funding for international projects with a focus on smart, green and integrated transport.
Anne Maibohm Haridt
Tlf.: +45 72 31 82 61

Official title of the programme: Smart, green and integrated transport.  

What is Funded?

Research and innovation projects which facilitate the development of a resource-efficient, climate- and environment-friendly, safe, seamless and integrated European transport system.

Calls and Deadlines

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Main Areas of the Programme

The programme has four main areas:  

1. Resource-Efficient Transport which Respects the Environment

  • Focus is on minimising transport systems' impact on climate and the environment (including noise and air pollution) by improving its efficiency in the use of natural resources, and by reducing its dependence on fossil fuels.

2. Better Mobility, Less Congestion, More Safety and Security

  • Focus is on reconciling the growing mobility needs with improved transport fluidity, through innovative solutions for seamless, inclusive, affordable, safe, secure and robust transport systems.

3. Global Leadership in the European Transport Industry

  • Focus is on reinforcing the competitiveness and performance of European transport manufacturing industries and related services including logistic processes and retain areas of European leadership (e.g. such as aeronautics).

4. Socio-Economic and Behavioral Research and Forward Looking Activities for Policy-Making

  • Focus is on supporting improved policy making which is necessary to promote innovation and meet the challenges raised by transport and the societal needs related to it.

Who can Apply?

Universities, other research institutions (e.g. GTS-institutes), small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large companies. The programme may also be relevant for national, regional and local authorities, hospitals, NGOs, trade organisations and university colleges.

Requirements for Participants

Most often a consortium which goes across disciplines and countries is required. A project consortium must consist of at least three legal entities from three different EU Member States or associated countries. Some topics are open to single applicants.

More Information About the Programme

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