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Writing a Proposal

The application usually consists of two main sections. Your application needs to meet the demands of these two sections and answer the expectations, described in the call’s topic text. Begin in good time and set aside 3-6 months to the writing process, depending on the call.

The two Main Sections of the Application

An application within ‘Societal Challenges’ and ‘Industrial Leadership’ in Horizon 2020 often consists of two sections:

  • Part A
  • Part B

Applications to the SME programme and the Marie Curie programme have another format. This is also the case for applications to the programmes under ‘Funding researchers’.

Part A

In Part A you must fill out information regarding:

  • Master data
  • Project participants
  • Budget
  • Ethics

Part B

In Part B you will describe the project’s idea and how you/the consortium will complete the project. This is the actual application

Watch EuroCenter's information video: The Succesfull Application to Horizon 2020


Part B consists of three main parts, which correspond with the three assessment criteria for the assessment of H2020 applications:

1. Excellence

Here you describe the project’s scientific and/or innovational quality (objectives, approach, interdisciplinarity, ambition level, etc.) 

2. Impact

This section describes the innovative and/or scientific effect, the project is expected to have on an European and a global level. Among other things, you must describe the societal effect, the added European value, utilisation of project results and plans for the distribution of results to relevant target groups. The plans for utilisation and distribution of project results need to be included in the application (unless it appears from the topic in question that this is not required)

3. Implementation

In this section you must describe how the project will be structured, controlled and completed, and describe how the partners in the consortium will cooperate.

Besides this, you must also describe:

4. Members of the Consortium

A description of each partner in the consortium along with their assignments and role in the project.

5. Ethics and Security

The handling of the ethical question, which may be mentioned in Part A along with the possible problems regarding security (such as classified information).

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last modified Aug 07, 2019