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Innovation Centre Denmark Shanghai

The innovation centre helps Danish companies and scientists navigate in China and opens doors for science and business opportunities.

Shanghai is the Asian power-centre for research and innovation

The innovation centre offers companies and research institutions assistance with surveys of technology, identification of cooperation partners, strategic advice on business plans, councelling on investment, technology, marketing of Danish research, business competences, etc.

Shanghai is the Asian epicenter within research and innovation. China is currently investing large amounts of money in research, innovation and businesses. China is no longer solely a production country, but to an increasing extent a place where innovative research and development is taking place.

Shanghai contains a strong international innovation environment and many multinational companies have already established strongholds in the city. Furthermore, Shanghai holds the region's seven international science parks. In 2006 China overtook Japan as the country in the world that invests the second most in research and development. Only USA invests more.

Collaborations on research and development

Denmark and China have a bilateral collaboration agreement on research and development. To ensure the best possible implementation of this agreement, a Danish-Chinese steering committee has been established.

The purview of the steering committee is to monitor the development in the knowledge cooperation between Denmark and China and to advise the responsible ministers in both countries on the possibilities for strengthening this cooperation.

The bilateral agreements between the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and Chinese actors are negotiated through the innovation attaché.

Innovation attaché Thomas Trøst Hansen

Thomas Trøst Hansen has been innovation attaché at the Innovation Centre Denmark Shanghai in China since January 2020.

As the innovation attaché stationed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Thomas works on establishing networks between Danish and Chinese actors within research, innovation and higher education which can lead to concrete cooperation projects with a view to formal partnership- and exchange agreements.

Thomas has an industrial PhD in Scientific meetings. He has more than 10 years experience with national and international science politics. From previous employments he has experience in science politics in the EU's and the private fonding bodies among others and he was responsible for media and marketing under the largest science conferene in Europe, EuroScience Open Forum 2014.

Attaché in Shanghai

Billede af Thomas Trøst Hansen

Thomas Trøst Hansen is stationed as innovation attaché at Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai, China.