Innovation Centre Denmark Silicon Valley

Bridgehead for contact between American science, innovation and business environments and Danish science institutions and companies.
Karin Ilsøth Rasmussen
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Service function for Danish companies and knowledege institutions

Innovation Centre Denmark Silicon Valley is placed in Palo Alto south of San Francisco and close to a number of the world's leading high-tech companies and  Stanford University, among others, in a unique environment based on collaboration between scientists and companies.

The innovation centre creates contact between Danish and Californian businesses and science and innovation systems.

The purpose of these contacts is to strengthen Danish science, education, innovation and policy development.

The centre works as a bridgehead that increases coordination among Danish actors' activities, and increase Danish visibility and clout.

Science cooperation agreement

In 2009 a bilateral science agreement was signed between USA and Danmark, which is maintained by a Joint Committee.

The Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science (DAFSHE) regularly meets with the American embassy for mutual orientation about the developments within science and development i both countries.

DAFSHE has through Innovation Center Denmark entered into partnerships with the research networks SUNCAT, CITRIS and MIT. These partnerships give Danish scientists access to Stanford University, MIT and a number of the UC universities, among these UC Berkeley.

The bilateral agreements between the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and American actors are negotiated through the innovation attaché.

Innovation attaché Jeppe Dørup Olesen

Jeppe has a PhD from the European University Institute in Firenze and has worked with science and higher education in an international context through positions in various organizations, including the Danish Ministry of Education and the University of Aarhus.

Attaché in Silicon Valley

Jeppe Dørup Olesen

Jeppe Dørup Olesen is stationed as innovation attaché at Innovation Centre Denmark.

Phone: +1 650-540-3180.