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Innovation Centre Denmark in Tel Aviv

In 2016, the Innovation Centre in Tel Aviv was established, as the latest in line of seven Danish Innovation Centres.

Opening of Innovation Centre Denmark in Tel Aviv
Former ministers for Science and Higher Education and Foreign Affairs at the opening of Innovation Centre in Tel Aviv

Of all the OECD-countries, Israel has the second highest level of investment in R & D in relation to its GDP (4.1 pct. in 2014, of which 3.47 pct. comes from private investments). Israel has some of the world's best research institutions, and the country is internationally recognized for an active and vibrant start-up environment.

Israel participates in the EU research and innovation program Horizon 2020 and in the network organization EUREKA. Consequently, Israel participates in Horizon 2020 and Eurostars / EUREKA programs on equal terms with other countries.

Danish researchers wishing to  improve and develop research co-operation with Israeli researchers can apply for financial support through the Ministry of Education and Research's International Network Programme. There is great potential in paving the way for Danish research and education institutions and Danish companies to exchange knowledge and cooperate with some of the most aknowledged israeli researchers from the research and innovation communities in Israel.  This applies especially in areas where both Denmark and Israel are on the front line of e.g the field of health and green energy.
Since 2007, Denmark has had a co-operation agreement with Israel focusing on research and development in the private sector.

During the establishment of the Innovation Center in Tel Aviv, the Ministry of Education and Research has drawn up a plan of action containing 12 initiatives to strengthen Denmark's cooperation with Israel in research, innovation and higher education.

An addition has also been provided, which describes an overview of research, innovation and higher education in Israel.

Companies and research and higher education institutions wishing to establish co-operation with partners in Israel are welcome to contact the Ministry of Education and Research’s attaché in Tel Aviv or the employees at Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science for assistance and advice.

Attaché in Tel Aviv

 Ann-Christina Lange_billede

Ann-Christina Lange is posted as innovation attaché at Innovation Centre Denmark Tel Aviv (maternity leave till end of 2018).


Direct: +972 (0) 54 7302 129