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Submission form on barriers for Arctic research cooperation

If you are experiencing barriers when conducting research in Arctic you can submit a description of these with the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education by using the submission form below.

In May 2018 the Agreement on Enhancing International Arctic Scientific Cooperation became effective. The purpose of the agreement is to facilitate increased cooperation in the Arctic with regard to research. Research is understood in a broad sense covering a wide range of areas such as access to research areas and infrastructure, sharing of data, etc.

If you are experiencing barriers related to issues covered by the agreement you can submit the form below.

Submission form

Information about submitter
Information about problem

Describe the barriers for research or research cooperation that you have encountered. You should indicate which articles in the agreement on scientific cooperation that the barriers relate to and in which geographical area (as a minimum country) the problem occured.

Choose issue   The issues corresponds with the articles in the agreement on scientific cooperation. Choose as many as apply.

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