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The BFI lists

The BFI lists show the publication channels (Publishers, Journals, Book Series and Conference Series) in which publication of research results are awarded points. There are two lists: the BFI list of publishers and the BFI list of series.

The dynamic BFI lists

The harvest BFI lists

You can find the BFI lists from earlier years here:

About the BFI lists

In the BFI there are two lists of publication channels, which can trigger BFI points:

  • The BFI list of series, which contains journals, book series and conference series.
  • The BFI list of publishers, which contains publishers.

Both the BFI list of series and the BFI list of publishers are managed by the Academic Committee. The BFI list of series is administered on the basis of recommendations from the 67 Expert Panels composed of researchers appointed by the organization Danish Universities. Researchers can publish in any publication channel regardless of their subject area association, although the publication channels on the BFI list of series are linked to specific Expert Panels. Likewise, anyone can suggest changes to both lists.

There are two versions of the BFI lists: The dynamic BFI lists, which are updated continuously throughout the year, and the "harvest lists", which are used to calculate points after the final harvest. The final harvest is conducted half a year after the reporting year. The final harvest forms the basis of the final calculation of the number of publications for the reporting year. The harvest lists are thus the final BFI lists for the relevant reporting year. At the end of the year, the dynamic lists will be locked and will become the harvest lists. Afterwards, next year's dynamic lists will be created. In years with division of the publication channels on the BFI lists in different levels, the dynamic lists will be locked in the autumn, when the process of assigning levels is initiated - e.g. September 1st, 2017.

The dynamic BFI lists are published on this page throughout the year, but ongoing changes can also be followed in the BFI system.

How to suggest changes for the BFI lists

Everyone can submit suggestions for the BFI lists. To submit a proposal, simply create a user account in the BFI system, which can be found here:

Here you can submit suggestions on:

  • New series title or new publisher.
  • Changes to the bibliographic data, such as title or ISSN no.
  • Moving series between the Expert Panels.
  • Deleting series or publishers on the BFI lists.

It must be documented that the channel meets the BFI’s definition of peer review, when making a proposal for a new series or a new publisher. In addition, the proposer must submit a professional justification for admitting the channel to the BFI list.

last modified Jan 15, 2021