About the Agency

The Danish Agency for Higher Education is an agency in the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. The Agency handles tasks within the overall sector for higher education including the Danish students’ Grants and Loan Scheme.

The Agency’s fields of work cover subject areas and themes which are included in the work with higher education on the whole i.e. policy development, policy implementation, management of institutions, economics, law, grants, administration, etc.

The tasks of the Agency

The aim of the Danish Agency for Higher Education is to:

  • handle the governmental development and administrative tasks in correlation with the universities, the professional bachelor programmes, the academies of professional higher education, the higher educations within the fine arts plus the maritime education programmes and the affiliated educational institutions.
  • handle the governmental development and administrative tasks regarding the Danish students' Grants and Loans Scheme, the State Educational Support for Adults plus a number of other special support schemes for students.
  • ensure better quality and coherence in the higher education programmes and create optimal conditions for the higher education institutions’ handling of their respective tasks regarding education and development. Included in this is an enhanced focus on internationalisation and mobility in the educations.

The tasks cover running activities, development activities and policy-oriented activities.

The Danish Agency for Higher Education is established 1 October 2013 and replaces two agencies – namely the Agency for Higher Education and Educational Support and the Agency for Universities and Internationalisation.

The structure of the Agency

The Agency is organised with an executive management, a management secretariat and five centres which include a total of 11 divisions. A number of the Agency’s tasks are organised as cross-disciplinary projects.

last modified Apr 22, 2015