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Danish career opportunities for Chinese talents

Higher Education Minister Morten Østergaard's speech at the career and education fair 'Denmark Days' 17 September 2013 in Beijing, China.

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Dear Vice President Li Yansong of Peking University. Dear representatives from Danish companies and higher education institutions. And not least, dear university students.

I am delighted to be here today at one of the top universities in China to open this Danish education and career fair in China.

We are here because we share the same fundamental ambitions: that we offer research and education of top quality.

The Danish government has maintained high priority to education and research in times of budgetary constraints. We consider this as one of the keys to meeting tomorrow’s challenges.

In Denmark we have high standard of living. We give high priority to green solutions and clean tech technologies. We have a strong social security system. And it is a very safe country to live in. In fact, international surveys show that Danish people are among the happiest in the world.

But just as important: a recent published survey carried out among international students in Denmark shows that international students generally are very satisfied with the quality of education and their stay in Denmark.

The international students particularly emphasise that they choose Denmark, because of the great amount of programmes in English, because Denmark is a safe country and because a Danish degree increases the career opportunities.

But what is perhaps less well-known about our small kingdom is that we are also very strong in terms of education and business.

The nine higher education institutions present here today all offer first-class research-based education.

Also here today is the Sino-Danish Centre for Education & Research – a joint university center located here in Beijing which offers highly competitive Master’s programmes.

Some of the Danish cultural characteristics are flat hierarchies and good collaborative abilities.

At Danish higher education institutions, students are encouraged to engage in dialogue and discussions and take personal and individual standpoints. We aim to strengthen students' ability to think creatively and act innovatively.

Employees and entrepreneurs with the right competencies are crucial for enterprises, organisations and public authorities. As students at top universities here in China, you are already on the right path.

However, by studying in Denmark you will acquire further skills and competencies that will improve your employability with a wide range of companies. In other words, a Danish higher education is a good investment in your future career and a possible gateway into Europe.

It could be a career in a Chinese company or organisation. It could be in an international company abroad. It could be in a Danish company in Denmark.

But it could also be in one of the close to 500 Danish companies that are operating in China. They are all looking to recruit new talents to further develop their businesses here in China.

The five Danish companies present here today are all international companies, but each of them has a distinct Danish DNA in terms of values, mission and culture.

At the same time, they are all world-leading within their sectors and industries, and thus provide excellent career opportunities for Chinese talents.

Dear students, the Danish companies and higher education institutions are here for you. They are here to provide you with more knowledge and information and to answer your questions.

I therefore strongly encourage you to get the most out of this unique opportunity to learn more about Danish study- and career opportunities. Get into dialogue, attend the workshops to learn more, and take brochures with you home to learn even more.

Let me finish by thanking the Danish companies and higher education institutions for giving priority to this event.

Also let me thank the Danish sponsors of the event – Wagas, Carlsberg & Kjeldsens – and SAS for sponsoring the main price of the lucky draw – a flight ticket to Copenhagen.

And last but certainly not least, I address my gratitude to Peking University for opening up their beautiful campus and for all their assistance in order to make this event possible.

I hereby declare Denmark Day for open. 

last modified Sep 24, 2013