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ESA Technology Development Element (TDE) work plan 2023-2024

Check out the European Space Acency’s TDE Work Plan 2023-2024 to see if you can help develop ESA’s future missions. The TDE programme is funded by ESA’s Basic Activities – a mandatory programme all ESA member states participate in. The TDE work plan is released on the ESA Star portal

On the ESA Portal you will find the Work Plan and Procurement Plan (WP/PP) for 2023-2024 of the Technology Development Element (TDE) of the Discovery, Preparation, Technology Development (DTPD) Basic Activities. TDE activities are all at a low, 1-3 Techology Rediness Level, TRL.

The plan shown in Annex I a list of activities and in Annex II the activity descriptions. It has been prepared as part of ESA’s wide process for technology development management to support the ESA Agenda 2025 and to implement the ESA Technology Strategy. The plan relies on the Technology Network (TECNET) to identify requirements and to collect, review and prioritise the activity proposals.

The present plan covers the domains of Earth Observation, Exploration, Space Transportation, Telecommunications, Navigation, Space Safety and Generic Technologies. An addendum to this plan will be presented in the near future to complement the list of activities dealing with Exploration.

To access the documents related to the tender action and/or express interest you have register and log in to ESA Star.

Photo: ESA's Materials and Electrical Components Laboratory at ESA.


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