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GSTP Industry Working Days 2022 in Vienna

Join ESA’s GSTP Industry Working Days on 22-24 June 2022 and discuss how ESAs future innovations technology programmes should address 3 cutting-edge topics: 1) Artificial Intelligence, 2) Digitalization and 3) Quantum Technology. The GSTP Industry Days are open to industry, academia and SME's
Jonathan Tornbjerg Millant
Tlf.: +45 72 31 79 76
Email: jotm@ufm.dk

Tid og sted

22. juni 2022 til 24. juni 2022
Grand Hotel, Vienna, Austria.

GSTP Working days
Destination Earth (DestinE), is an initiative of the European Union, that aims to develop a digital twin, or replica, of our planet. Illustration: ESA

The team from European Space Agency, ESA’s General Studies and Technology Programme, GSTP is organizing the event together with the Austrian Aeronautics and Space Agency, FFG.

Your are invited to join the three-day GSTP Industry Working Days to discuss the main future innovations our technology programmes must address in three key areas:
• Artificial Intelligence
• Digitalisation
• Quantum Technology

During the event they will work with industry to facilitate industrial partnerships through round tables, to discuss the future of GSTP and to hear some of the latest achievements from the programme.

The GSTP Industry Days are open to industry, academia and SME's who would like to share in these discussions, which will focus specifically on space technologies in these fields.

The event will be held 22-24 June 2022 at the Grand Hotel, Vienna, Austria.


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