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DFiR debate meeting II: Artificial intelligence and risks - from plagiarism to geopolitics

In collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Government, the Pioneer Centre for Artificial Intelligence and the Knowledge Center for Foundations, DFiR is hosting a series of debates under the heading "Artificial intelligence in research and innovation". Sign up for the second of three events.
  • Tid og sted
  • Hvornår 22. januar 2024 fra 15:00 til 17:00
  • Hvor Statens Naturhistoriske Museum, Øster Voldgade 5-7, 1350 København K

    The event will be recorded.
    If you are unable to attend the event, you may register below for receiving a link to access the recording after the event.

In the second debate, we focus on the risks and pitfalls of increased use of artificial intelligence in Danish research and innovation. It is about the concrete challenges in everyday life in laboratories and research libraries, where large language models, such as ChatGPT, have made it easier to fabricate false references and plagiarise the work of others. In the debate, we will ask how these new challenges ought to be handled. Should it be left to each institution to develop guidelines or is there a need for national or European initiatives?

The debate will also invite more fundamental ethical considerations about the consequences of the use and dissemination of broad artificial intelligence in research and innovation. Where are the ethical pitfalls? A central discussion concerns the biases that we risk reproducing when using artificial intelligence. We ask which forums are taking on the task of developing the conversation about ethical issues. Finally, the use of artificial intelligence will be discussed in the context of security policy. Where is the balance between an ethically sound approach and the risk of losing the race with China and the US? And where should Denmark place itself?


Panel discussion:

  • Isabelle Augenstein, Professor and Co-director, The Pioneer Centre for Artificial Intelligence, University of Copenhagen 
  • Hanne Marie Motzfeldt, Professor, University of Copenhagen 
  • Esben Kran, CEO, European Centers for AI Safety
  • Sine Nørholm Just, Professor, Roskilde University
  • Casper Klynge, Senior Vice President, Danish Chamber of Commerce
  • Rebecca Adler-Nissen, Professor, University of Copenhagen 

 The debate will be moderated by member Steffen Bohni, Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy.


Anders Kamp Høst
Tlf.: +45 72 31 80 92
Email: akho@ufm.dk

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