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Press releases 2012

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Denmark invests millions in space
Date of publication: Nov 21, 2012 Denmark is contributing DKK 257 million to the European Space Agency’s voluntary programmes over the next three years.
DKK 770 million for new research and innovation
Date of publication: Nov 08, 2012 The Government, the Red-Green Alliance and Liberal Alliance have reached an agreement on new funding for strategic research within food, the environment, health, production research and independent research and innovation in 2013.
Faster processing and new loan opportunities for students heading abroad
Date of publication: Nov 01, 2012 The conditions of the law governing state educational support (SU) will be changed to provide students with more opportunities to avail of a loan to study abroad, while also reducing case processing times.
Evaluation: Danish innovation must be driven by global challenges
Date of publication: Sep 27, 2012 The evaluation states that the Danish research and innovation system is among the best in the world. Investments in research and innovation can have even more impact on growth and job creation and the effort can also be improved in a number of areas.
New innovation centres will improve Danish research and create growth
Date of publication: Aug 27, 2012 The Government has set aside DKK 25 million in the proposed Budget to continue the existing innovation centres and establish new ones. The centres will create economic growth and market Denmark’s positions of strength.
Record number of higher education applicants
Date of publication: Jul 19, 2012 Applications to higher education programmes are greater than ever before. Almost 81,000 people have applied for higher education in 2012. There is particular demand for programmes that have good opportunities for enrolment and employment.
RESEARCH2020 catalogue to create strategic basis for Danish research
Date of publication: Jul 03, 2012 Five strategic research visions show the most promising areas for research investments in the future.
Support for a new large national wind tunnel
Date of publication: May 15, 2012 Denmark is cementing its position as a leading nation within wind technology with the establishment of a large national wind tunnel. The Higher Education Ministry has contributed DKK 40 million to help realise the project.
Denmark and South Korea enter joint partnership on research and education
Date of publication: May 15, 2012 Higher Education Minister Morten Østergaard has signed a memorandum of understanding on research, innovation and higher education with South Korea.
Denmark and South Korea collaborate on research, innovation and education
Date of publication: May 11, 2012 The Danish higher education minister is visiting South Korea to sign a Memorandum of Understanding on research, innovation and higher education between the two countries.
Erasmus – helping student mobility for 25 years
Date of publication: May 09, 2012 For a quarter of a century, students have been exploring the world thanks to the Erasmus programme. Even more are signing up each year. The anniversary is being celebrated with a conference and the expansion of the programme.
Companies value international experience
Date of publication: May 09, 2012 Studying or taking an internship abroad is considered an advantage when private companies are recruiting new employees. And employers predict that international experience will be even more important in the future.
2020 economic plan features boost for education
Date of publication: May 08, 2012 The Government wants to ensure that the future generations have better opportunities for employment, prosperity and welfare by carrying out ambitious and necessary reforms to boost education in Denmark.
Ministers set out path for European higher education in the coming years
Date of publication: Apr 27, 2012 Higher education reform can help to get Europe back on track and generate sustainable growth and jobs. This is the main message from 47 European ministers responsible for higher education after a two-day summit in Bucharest concluded today.
Better mobility for European students
Date of publication: Apr 25, 2012 Education ministries from 47 countries are meeting to outline the political direction for higher education cooperation and adopt a new European strategy for student mobility.
Dialogue between researchers, business and society must be strengthened
Date of publication: Apr 20, 2012 The needs and wants of society and citizens must be involved in research. Researchers, decision makers, business representatives and research communicators are meeting at the Science in Dialogue conference this week to provide input to a European model for responsible research and innovation.
Conference will increase European research cooperation
Date of publication: Mar 20, 2012 Ministers, European Commissioners, experts and more than 600 delegates will gather in Copenhagen to define the framework for continued active cooperation between EU countries regarding research infrastructures. The conference will result in concrete input to Horizon 2020.
Innovation strategy will create jobs and growth
Date of publication: Mar 06, 2012 A collective ambitious innovation strategy will ensure a quicker turnaround from public investments in research, development, innovation and education, to growth and jobs in the labour market.
Higher Education Minister tackles SU cheaters
Date of publication: Mar 02, 2012 Morten Østergaard has initiated an action plan to tackle the problem of fraudulent SU claimants. Notice has been sent to all education institutions as the first step.
Broad support for safeguarding humanities and social sciences in Horizon 2020
Date of publication: Feb 21, 2012 The EU member states back Denmark's wish to secure a central placement for social sciences and humanities in the hunt for solutions to great societal challenges through the world's largest publicly-financed research programme Horizon 2020.
Research elite honoured with awards
Date of publication: Feb 09, 2012 Five of the most talented young researchers in the country received an EliteForsk research award of DKK 1.2 million.
PhDs are worth it
Date of publication: Feb 09, 2012 A new report show that those with a PhD earn more than those with a long-cycle higher education. Likewise, work productivity and salary levels are noticeably higher in businesses that have an employee with a PhD.
The EU is one step closer to world's largest research programme
Date of publication: Feb 02, 2012 Two EU Commissioners and research and innovation ministers from across the EU have gathered in Copenhagen for two days of intensive discussions and workshops that will pave the way for the world's largest research programme, Horizon 2020, with a proposed budget of EUR 80 billion.
EU ministers for growth gather in Copenhagen
Date of publication: Feb 01, 2012 An Informal Competitiveness Council meeting will be held in the Bella Center, Copenhagen on 1-3 February.
Media invitation: EliteForsk award ceremony 2012
Date of publication: Jan 26, 2012 Representatives of the media are invited to the annual EliteForsk award ceremony where H.R.H. Prince Joachim and Higher Education Minister Morten Østergaard will present the awards to five of Denmark’s most talented researchers.
Study abroad scholarship entices more students abroad
Date of publication: Jan 25, 2012 Around 4,000 students have used the study abroad scholarship scheme to avail of a study abroad period or take an entire Master’s education abroad. The higher education minister looks forward to even more students heading abroad as part of their studies.
Belarus not yet ready to join the European Higher Education Area
Date of publication: Jan 24, 2012 The Bologna Follow-Up Group: the Republic of Belarus does not meet the conditions for joining the European Higher Education Area.