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Entrepreneurship education and training

In an increasingly global economy, the Danish government envision the education system as a tool to stimulate the ability of students to innovate, see opportunities and convert ideas into value, in other words to be “entrepreneurial”.

Partnership for Education in Entrepreneurship

To guide the foundation and secure a coordinated effort, the Partnership for Education in Entrepreneurship was established as a joint effort of four ministries. The four ministries involved are the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Children and Education and the Ministry of Business and Growth.

Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship - Young Enterprise

To insure a strong and joint effort at a national level, the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship - Young Enterprise, was formed in 2010. The foundation is responsible for enacting the Danish government’s vision of education in entrepreneurship and to document new developments in the field of entrepreneurship education in Denmark.

Strategy for Education and Training in Entrepreneurship

In order to promote student acquisition of competences in entrepreneurship and innovation, the Danish government has formed a strategy for entrepreneurship education.  The strategy presents a framework for how Denmark, will educate and train the entrepreneurial business managers and employees of the future. The strategic vision is that a substantial amount of pupils and students on all levels of education, develop their entrepreneurial abilities, meaning not only the ability to think creatively, but also to utilise and manifest innovative ideas.

Contact information

For further information on entrepreneurship education in Denmark and related projects, please contact Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship - Young Enterprise

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last modified December 11, 2015