Funding programmes for research and innovation

Grants for independent research


Grants for independent research based on the researchers’ own ideas within all fields of science

Career programme for young research talents



Support to the preparatory work of Danish companies and knowledge institutions with a view to participating in selected European and international research programmes.

Horizon 2020, EU and international programmes

Information about possibilities for grants for bilateral collaboration within different fields of science, international network, workshops, stays abroad, etc, plus Horizon 2020 and Nordic programmes.

Strategic research - Programmes managed by Innovantion Fund Denmark

Innovationfund Denmark


  • Future energy technologies and systems
  • Competitive environmental technologies and solutions

  • Connection between food, health and lifestyle
  • Bioresources, food and other biological products, including production systems and processes within the food industry
  • Organic food production

  • Strategic growth technologies with special focus on nanotechnology, biotechnology and information and communication technology
  • Strategic growth technologies, including production and materials technologies and information and communication technology

  • Clinical research and research in health and quality of life
  • Stem cell research

  • Peace and conflict research

  • Sustainable transport and Infrastructure 
Programmes managed by Innovantion Fund Denmark

Innovationfund Denmark


Three-year industrially focused PhD project where the student is hired by a company and enrolled at a university at the same time

  • Innovation Assistant

    Possibility for small and medium-sized companies to hire a highly educated person

Support to collaborative projects between small and medium sized enterprises and knowledge institutions. The purpose is to increase the innovation capacity of the enterprises and introduce them to the opportunities of collaboration with knowledge institutions.

Support to collaboration about research and innovation between companies, research institutions and non-profit knowledge dissemination parties.

Initiative which seek to strengthen the link between strategic research and innovation

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