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Press releases 2011

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Government to introduce group exams and develop new exam system
Date of publication: Dec 23, 2011 Relevant interest groups will be invited to give their thoughts on new forms of tests and exams before the Government reintroduces group exams from the next school year.
First grants awarded for schools research
Date of publication: Dec 23, 2011 The first six PhD grants for education research have been awarded. And later in 2012, there is a further DKK 28 million allotted to new research projects focusing on the Danish school system.
International students lack friends
Date of publication: Dec 15, 2011 A new study shows that when international students end up in Denmark, it is often difficult to make Danish friends. The higher education minister therefore recommends that Danish students make more effort to involve their international counterparts.
Comprehensive agreement on research funding
Date of publication: Nov 15, 2011 All parliamentary parties support the distribution of almost DKK 1 billion to research and innovation as part of this year's Budget.
Professional board to benefit Aarhus School of Architecture
Date of publication: Nov 08, 2011 A collective board will head Aarhus School of Architecture. The five external members have been chosen and Higher Education Minister Morten Østergaard is looking forward to future cooperation.
Boost for research and education in budget proposal
Date of publication: Nov 03, 2011 The government's budget proposal would see DKK 1 billion towards the increase in educational activities, DKK 300 million extra towards research and an end to user charges for supplementary courses.
Successful enrolment figures for 2011
Date of publication: Nov 01, 2011 The final figures are in and annual enrolment figures for higher education are up 10 per cent compared to 2010. As such, Denmark moves a step closer to acheiving the government's objective of 60 percent of a youth cohort receiving a higher education.
Morten Østergaard is appointed Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education
Date of publication: Oct 03, 2011 Morten Østergaard (Social Liberal Party) is the new minister for research, innovation and higher education. He takes over the Science Ministry from the incumbent minister Charlotte Sahl-Madsen (Conservative Party).