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Press releases 2013

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Three new rulings on scientific dishonesty in health research
Date of publication: Dec 18, 2013 The Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty (DCSD) have today issued rulings in three comprehensive cases.
Denmark links Arctic research network
Date of publication: Dec 16, 2013 Danish universities have reinforced research in Arctic and polar conditions and established cross-disciplinary centres.
Broad agreements on millions for research and innovation
Date of publication: Nov 04, 2013 Two broadly supported agreements have been reached on the allocation of DKK 859 million in 2014 to research activities and significant ventures in the large new Danish National Innovation Foundation.
Final 2013 intake figures surpass all records
Date of publication: Oct 14, 2013 Education programmes aimed at the private sector in particular have seen greater numbers in the second intake round for higher education. Overall intake in 2013 surpasses all previous records.
Large new innovation foundation to solve societal challenges and create jobs
Date of publication: Oct 04, 2013 An agreement have been made to create one large innovation foundation of DKK 1.5 billion annually to ensure that significant investments in research and development result in concrete solutions to societal challenges, growth and jobs.
Developing Sino-Danish cooperation on research and education
Date of publication: Sep 13, 2013 The Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education is visiting Beijing to strengthen ties and exchanges between Danish and Chinese education and research institutions, and exchange knowledge, experience and inspiration with Chinese institutions and businesses.
The first Danish astronaut to be launched into space in 2015
Date of publication: Sep 02, 2013 Andreas Mogensen will participate in a mission to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2015. His tasks will include testing new technology, which will affect future space missions and can help shed light on illnesses here on Earth.
Record numbers accepted for higher education
Date of publication: Aug 05, 2013 On Tuesday 30 July, more young people than ever before received word that they have been accepted for higher education programmes. Higher education institutions offered places to four per cent more students than in 2012. The largest increases were in programmes aimed at the private sector.
Record number of higher education applicants
Date of publication: Jul 05, 2013 The number of higher education applicants in 2013 is record high. The preliminary figures show that a total of 88,078 have applied for entry to a higher education programme.
OECD: Denmark invests most in education
Date of publication: Jun 25, 2013 The latest OECD publication “Education at a Glance 2013” shows that higher education provides better opportunities for employment and a better income.
New Danish innovation centres strengthen ties with international partners
Date of publication: Jun 18, 2013 Denmark is strengthening Danish innovation, research, growth and employment by developing closer relationships with research and development players in three growth markets.
More Danish students should study abroad
Date of publication: May 16, 2013 More Danish students are choosing to spend part or all of their higher education studies abroad. The Minster for Science, Innovation and Higher Education has made it clear that even more students should have an international element to their higher education.
Denmark has widespread educational cooperation with growth countries
Date of publication: May 07, 2013 Denmark has extensive educational cooperation with China, among other growth countries. In particular, there are a many Sino-Danish exchange agreements.
More students study abroad with Erasmus programme
Date of publication: Apr 18, 2013 Record numbers of students are studying or working abroad with the EU’s Erasmus programme. The Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education encourages even more to avail of the opportunity.
Danish astronomers can seek extra-terrestrial life with world’s largest telescope
Date of publication: Apr 16, 2013 Three Danish universities have invested in the world’s largest telescope, which will give Danish astronomers the opportunity to study planets in other solar systems in previously unseen detail, while Danish companies can bid on contracts and help develop and build the telescope.
Denmark benefits from more EU research funding than ever before
Date of publication: Apr 04, 2013 Danish researchers and companies are among the best in Europe for receiving funds from the EU framework programme for research and innovation.
The application deadline for quota 2 is extended until March 18, 12 noon
Date of publication: Mar 15, 2013 Due to technical problems at www.optagelse.dk the application deadline for quota 2 at higher education programmes is extended until March 18, 12 noon.
Elite researchers honoured with awards
Date of publication: Feb 07, 2013 The Higher Education Ministry’s EliteForsk Award 2013 is being awarded to five of the country’s most talented researchers. H.R.H. Crown Princess Mary will present the awards that will help boost new research.