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Record number of higher education applicants

July 05, 2013
The number of higher education applicants in 2013 is record high. The preliminary figures show that a total of 88,078 have applied for entry to a higher education programme.

88,078 have applied for admission to a higher education programme. That is 7,312 more than the former record from 2012.

Deadline for applications for quota 1 expired 5 July 2013 at 12 noon while the application deadline for quota 12 expired 15 March. In March a record number of 50,084 had applied for admission.

Higher Education Minister Morten Østergaard is pleased with the increase:

It is crucial to the future of Denmark that our level of education keeps pace with the development and the demand. Denmark needs innovative young people with ideas and enterprise which can be converted to new solutions and jobs and thereby ensure continued growth and prosperity. The number of applicants this year is a token of our young people being highly motivated for getting an education and a token of us being on the right track with respect to the government’s aim of the best educated generation ever. Therefore, I am very satisfied with the number of applicants, says Morten Østergaard.

The figures from 15 March also include applicants with international or foreign qualifying exams and applicants for education programmes where an entrance examination, an entrance interview or similar is part of the admission requirements.

The final number of applicants is made up in the middle of July. Included in this number will be applications from people who have applied without the digital signature NemID plus people who were exempted from applying digitally. Therefore, the final figures will be even higher than the 88,078 applicants.
It is the first time that all applicants have applied digitally through the optagelse.dk website. This makes it possible to make a preliminary statement about the total number of applicants as early as 5 July.

Application and admission to the higher education programmes 2013 

  • 15 March: Deadline for quota 2 applicants. Was extended until 18 March.
  • 15 May: Extraordinary deadline for quota 2 applications to the Bachelor of Education programme
  • 5 July: Deadline for application for quota 1.
  • 30 July: All applicants receive a decision letter. One minute after midnight the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education publishes the collective figures on the website fivu.dk. The figures are based on the results from the Coordinated Enrolment System (KOT).
  • October: The result of the second round of admission and thus the final figures from the 2013 intake are made up. Between the first and the second round some applicants will decline the offered places while others will seek admission to places available after the first round.     

About application and admission in 2012

  • The total number of quota 2 applicants on 15 March was 38,683.
  • The collective figures was 80,766 applicants.
  • A total of 61,300 applicants started in a higher education programme 1 October.

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