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Global Cooperation

Through bilateral cooperation agreements and Innovation Centre Denmark placed in selected countries, the Ministry of Higher Education and Science wants to increase internationalisation of Danish science and innovation.

Innovation Centres Denmark

The 7 Innovation Centres Denmark (ICDK) are located in Shanghai, Silicon Valley, Boston, Munich, Bangalore, Seoul and Tel Aviv. ICDK provides assistance to Danish companies, education and research institutions to get access to international knowledge, network, technology, capital and markets from the selected hubs around the world.

Bilateral cooperation

The purpose of bilateral cooperation is to promote contact to and establish network with scientists and high-tech companies from countries outside of the European Union that have signed a bilateral agreement with Denmark: the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, India, Brazil, Israel, South Africa, and Switzerland.


Funding-programmes for bilateral collaboration in various subject areas, international network, scholarships, etc.

The Danish University Center in Beijing

The Danish University Center in Beijing (SDC) is a joint Danish-Chinese university center established in collaboration between the eight Danish universities, the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).


International cooperation is of high importance to Denmark. Therefore, the ministry has initiated a number of internationalisation initiatives. The initiatives aim to increase the knowledge exchange between Danish and international knowledge environments.


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last modified January 27, 2022