Through bilateral cooperation agreements and innovation centres abroad, The Ministry of Higher Education and Science wants to increase the internationalisation of Danish science.
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The Trade Council, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Science established eight Innovation Centres – in Silicon Valley, Boston, Shanghai, Munich, São Paulo, New Delhi, Seoul and Tel Aviv.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science has bilateral cooperation agreements with Brazil, India, Israel, China, Japan, South Korea, Turkey and USA.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science has, in cooperation with other Danish ministries, stationed growth advisors in Vietnam and South Africa.

More than ever it is necessary that Denmark is oriented towards international research environments and areas of growth. Denmark is creating only a small part of the total amount of knowledge produced worldwide.

Hence, the Ministry is supporting Danish scientists' and companies’ access to international knowledge – an important contribution to Danish growth.

Goal: Increased internationalisation

The Ministry has initiated a number of initiatives with the purpose of increasing exchange of knowledge between Danish and international knowledge environments:

  • Bilateral cooperation on research cooperation with countries outside the EU in academic areas, where both countries are strong.
  • The establishing of Innovation Centres in leading science, innovation and business clusters abroad.
  • Partnership agreements regarding visiting scientists
  • Bilateral cooperation agreements
  • Growth advisors focusing on innovation in Vietnam and South Africa.

The Ministry has made bilateral cooperation agreements (Memorandum of Understanding) with a number of countries. The purpose of the agreements is to decrease barriers and increase the contact between researchers and high-tech companies across borders. Examples of contact-creating activities are: exchange of researchers, workshops and matchmaking.

The International Network Programme supports the Ministry’s agreements on international research cooperation by supporting network activities between researchers from selected countries.

Innovation Centres

Furthermore, the Ministry has, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, established Innovation Centres in Shanghai, Silicon Valley, Boston, Munich, São Paulo, New Delhi, Seoul and Tel Aviv.

The task of the centres is to ensure Danish companies and research institutions access to foreign knowledge, networks, technology, funds and markets.

The Innovation Centres are established in the knowledge hot-spots of globalisation. The main task is to establish contact to leading international research, innovation and business environments.

Eight innovation attachés

The Ministry has stationed a total of eight innovation attachés. One at each of the eight Innovation Centres.


last modified Jul 17, 2019