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The Polar Secretariat

The Polar Secretariat works to strenghten the focus on Denmark as a leading nation with regards to Arctic science and higher education. This is especially important in a time where climate change, the development of new technologies and changing geopolitical issues, is putting the Arctic in focus.

Foto by Morten Rasch

Photo: Morten Rasch

The Polar Secretariat aims to create an overview

The Polar Secretariat is the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education's one-stop entry for dialogue with the Arctic reseach- and education communities within Denmark. The Polar Secretariat also interacts with the Faroe Islands and Greenland on issues of common interest, and facilitates dialogue between the three parts of the Danish Realm.

In 2016, the Ministry published a Strategy for Research and Education concerning the Arctic, with the aim to strenghten Denmark's, and by extension the Danish Realm's, research and education in and about the Arctic. The strategy is now beeing implemented.

In 2013 the Forum for Arctic Research was established, and in 2017 their mandate was renewed. The forum is managed from the Polar Secretariat and its members represent research institutions within the field of Arctic research from all over the Danish Realm. All three governments are also represented by relevant ministries. The Forum meets three times per year, and the aim is to coordinate central stakeholders and facilitate knowledge sharing across institutions and scientific areas.

In October 2017, the Polar Secretariat and the Forum for Arctic Research is participating in the Arctic Circle Conference in Iceland, 13.-15. October.

The Polar Secretariat can be contacted by e-mail on

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