Application forms for assessment of your foreign qualifications

Please fill in the relevant form to request an assessment from the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education. The form contains instructions as to which documents to enclose.

Go here for the standard application form for assessment of the level of foreign qualifications:

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Grades and subject levels are not assessed

If you apply for admission to a higher education programme, the educational institution will assess whether your non-Danish exam satisfies the requirements concerning grades and subject levels.

Regulated professions

If your profession is regulated in Denmark, please find the appropriate form and instructions here:

Recognition of foreign teaching qualifications

Application form for recognition as a teacher in the Danish Folkeskole (municipal primary and lower secondary school) or upper secondary school (gymnasium, HF, HHX or HTX):

Fast-track procedure for employers

Employers in Danmark can use a fast-track procedure to receive an assessment within 5 work days for the purpose of hiring or pay-grading holders of foreign qualifications: