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Digital application for assessment

Prepare the documentation and log in to start your application


Before opening the application form, you should have the documentation ready.

See which documents to include and in what form:

Open the application form

In the digital form you go through a number of steps where you provide information about yourself as a an applicant, the purpose of your application and your qualifications.

When you open the application form, you will need to log in using your NemID or MitID:


How to fill in the application form

We kindly ask you to fill in the application form carefully. Our reply will be delayed if we have to ask you for further information or documentation.

The form has six steps:

  1. You as an applicant: Name, address etc. Most of the fields are filled in automatically.
  2. The purpose of your application. You will also be asked if you want the assessment in Danish or English. You can only get the assessment in one language. We recommend Danish if you are going to apply for jobs or education in Denmark.

  3. Education: Please give information about each of the education programmes that you have completed, except short programmes/courses. You can enter up to six education programmes.
  4. Overview of the education programmes that you have entered.
  5. Other information, e.g. professional experience.
  6. Sending the application.

Next to many of the questions there is an "i" button, which can give you information about what to put in the field.

The fields marked with an (asterisk) are mandatory. You can only send the application when you have filled in all of the mandatory fields.

Using the form:

  • You can move back and forth by clicking the 'Next' and 'Back' buttons.
  • The information that you have entered on one page will be saved when you move to another page.
  • You can save a page without leaving it by clicking 'Save'.
  • You can save and leave the form to work on it later: Click 'Save and Exit'. You can log back in until you have sent the application. However, the application will be deleted automatically if you have not made any changes after 30 days.
  • If you make no changes in the form for 30 minutes, you will be automatically logged out. You will get a warning message 5 minutes before this happens.

When you have sent the application, you will be shown a receipt, which you can download.

If you are to send in further documentation

If you have submitted your application and wish to send further documentation digitally, please use this link:


last modified Oct 04, 2022