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Apply for recognition of teaching qualifications

Applications to the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science for recognition of non-Danish teaching qualifications.

Apply for recognition of your non-Danish teaching qualification if you want to be able to take up a permanent position as a teacher in the Danish municipal primary and lower secondary school (Folkeskole), teacher in general upper secondary education (STX, HF, HHX or HTX) or pedagogue in municipal primary school (preschool class to grade 3 educator) or teach adult foreigners Danish as a second language.

Online application

Please use our digital application form if you have NemID (Danish digital signature for public digital services). That is the fastest way for you as well as for the Agency.

Alternative application method

If you are unable to submit your application online or do not wish to do so, a pdf form is available. Please use the pdf form if you do not have NemID or if you want to authorise someone to apply on your behalf.

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last modified Nov 04, 2020