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Denmark has widespread educational cooperation with growth countries

May 07, 2013
Denmark has extensive educational cooperation with China, among other growth countries. In particular, there are a many Sino-Danish exchange agreements.

China is a popular collaborative partner with Danish educational institutions, which generally have widespread educational cooperation with growth countries.

Cooperation includes student exchange agreements, educator exchanges, joint education programmes, summer school programmes as well as whole education programmes mainly located in China.

The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education has recently published a new report “Educational cooperation with growth countries”.

The report is a survey of Danish higher education institutions’ educational cooperation with nine identified growth countries: Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC countries), and some of the “Next Eleven” countries; Indonesia, Mexico, South Korea, Turkey and Vietnam.

Most of Denmark’s exchange agreements are with China and Turkey, while Danish students particularly pursue international internships in China and Vietnam.

China also tops the list for offering whole education programmes, which is largely attributed to the Danish universities’ collaboration with the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences on the Sino-Danish Centre for Education and Research.

Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education Morten Østergaard praises the educational institutions for their efforts which help strengthen global collaboration and understanding. The Minister has a vision that all Danish students in the future will have an international element to their higher education.

- Good educational cooperation with other countries is crucial for Denmark’s future competitive global position. It is important that students from both sides learn about the conditions and changes in their respective countries. Educational cooperation is therefore an important step in Denmark’s development and efforts to create growth and employment, which include attracting international talents to the Danish labour market, says Morten Østergaard.

The Minister also states that Denmark should expand its collaboration with growth countries.

- There is well-functioning and valuable collaboration between educational institutions, but there is room for expansion. For example, we need to change the situation that more students from growth countries are coming to Denmark than the other way round. The government is therefore introducing an action plan for internationalisation – this will aim to encourage more Danish students to study abroad, says Morten Østergaard.

A relevant example of the good cooperation between Denmark and China is the new Fudan European Centre for Modern and Comparative Chinese Studies at the University of Copenhagen. The centre frames a valuable partnership that allows European and Chinese researchers and students to study the interaction between these two very different parts of the world.

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