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Strategy for Education and Training in Entrepreneurship

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The cord idea of the strategy is that more pupils and students are to obtain education and training in entrepreneurship.
: August 10, 2010
: 978-87-923-7264-2
: 978 87 923 7265 9
: Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. Danish Ministry of Culture. Danish Ministry of Education. Danish Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs
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More high-growth enterprises

Education and training in entrepreneurship help create new enterprises with growth potential and more high-growth entrepreneurs.

Our future competitiveness will be strengthened by stimulating young people’s ability to think innovatively, see opportunities and transform ideas into value. This process should be stimulated throughout the Danish education system

The vision is foremost to improve pupils and students’ knowledge of entrepreneurship and their ability to act entrepreneurial.

Inter-ministerial partnership

Strategy for Education and Training in Entrepreneurship is developed in a partnership between four ministries. In order to ensure implementation and follow-up on the strategy a partnership of the four ministries has been established.

The Partnership for education and training in entrepreneurship include: Ministry for Science, Innovation and Higher Education, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Children and Education and Ministry of Business and Growth.

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