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2020 economic plan features boost for education

The Government wants to ensure that the future generations have better opportunities for employment, prosperity and welfare by carrying out ambitious and necessary reforms to boost education in Denmark.

May 08, 2012

The reforms are laid out in the Government’s economic 2020 plan, published on 8 May, and aim to ensure better and more education for Danish young people. The plan highlights a number of reforms that will help provide the necessary funding for massive investment in education.

- We know that education is the best guarantee for employment for young people, and we know that there will be even more need for a well-educated work force in the future. A well-educated work force is also crucial if Denmark is to attract and create new jobs in Denmark to replace the thousands that have been lost. I am therefore pleased that with the 2020 plan, we are laying the economic foundation to ensure we can achieve our ambitious target of 60 per cent of a year group attending higher education in 2020, says Higher Education Minister Morten Østergaard.

The Government is earmarking DKK 3.5 billion for increased SU State Education Grant expenses and to cover the lowered amount of income tax that results from an increased number of young people pursuing education. Of this, DKK1.5 billion will finance the current applications to higher education, which are at 54 per cent – higher that the previous government’s 50 per cent target. A further DKK 2 billion will help increase that percentage to 60 per cent.

The reform programme also provides latitude for the necessary capacity increase of education programmes, so that quality is not compromised.

- The Government’s ambitious education target requires great investment. But we will get returns on these investments – both individually and as a society, Education is part of the solution to how Denmark can emerge from the low growth trap. If we are to improve job creation, we need higher productivity and education has a vital key role, says Morten Østergaard.

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